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Duluth Headquarters (front view).  
Notice the locomotive coming out of the building. 

Where Rails Meet Water

The Duluth headquarters was unique in that ships loaded with hardware from the factories out east might moor right along side the structure to unload.  After employees inventoried the shipment they would load rail cars within the building and send them off to the farthest reaches of the Great Northwest.  The company was indeed located "at the ZENITH where rails and water meet".  To this day, all native Duluthians know their  city as the "Zenith City".

Duluth Headquarters (rear view).  
Notice the ships could moor right alongside the building to unload cargo.

The Buildings

The current buildings where the Red Lobster, Timberlodge restaurants and the Suites are located were built in 1889.  The Douglas Fir timbers you can see came from the State of Washington.  The large column timbers you can see in the restaurants are 24"x24"x20' and cost $12.66 each, delivered.  The original building was 8 stories tall and had an identical one just to the west.  The west building was torn down and the top 5 floors of the existing building in 1967 by Marine Iron & Ship Building Company, the second and current owner of the property.  When the two warehouse buildings were built, they were the third largest in the world. 

Back cover from the August 1910 issue of The ZENITH.  
Notice how the company displayed its large hardware houses that stretched from the gateway to the farthest reaches of the Great Northwest.